School Reopening

We are excited to welcome back all of our students and want to assure all parents that their children will be in a safe and healthy environment.

Since the mandated Shelter-in-Place order issued by the Santa Clara County Health Department in March of this year, Little Star Basics has been closed.  Although approval has been given to reopen starting June 5, 2020, Little Star Basics will officially reopen and welcome students on Monday, July 6, 2020.

All of the outside play structures have been cleaned and sanitized, the play yard has been tidied and power washed, all of the instructional and art supplies have been reorganized and shelved and the kitchen space has been cleaned, sanitized and rearranged for better functional use. 

We adhere to all of the safety protocols set by the Community Care Licensing Department which includes: daily fever monitoring with an infrared thermometer, hand washing, masks to be worn by parents when dropping off and picking up children, and six feet of social distancing.

Besides the guidelines mentioned, we will sanitize the Center daily and maintain an even smaller class size than recommended by the CCLD.

Sandy Choi