About Us

Little Star Basics is a Christian center dedicated to the development and the education of young children ages two through eight.

Mission Statement

We strive to meet each child’s differences in regard to their culture, language, and personality. We encourage and challenge each child according to their own abilities and help them acquire positive academic, social and early foundation of academic skills.


  • Our children are welcomed, loved, accepted, understood, and nurtured.
  • Our children are encouraged to work hard and use their time to explore and engage in activities with a positive attitude.
  • Our children are disciplined and guided to make good choices, and taught to respect one another.
  • Because children learn through their 5 senses, we incorporate age-appropriate actives to optimize their learning through books, arts, music, dance, science, and enrichment classes.


Little Star Basics Highlights:

  • Christian Beliefs and Values
  • On-site Chef(Brunch & Lunch).
  • Attention to Details.
  • Parent  & Teacher Communication/Photos.
  • Daily Arts and Crafts.
  • Daily Dance and Movements.
  • Daily CircleTime(10 mins./20 mins./30 mins.)
  • Daily Weekly Theme-Based Lessons
  • Daily Sensory and Exploration
  • Daily Outdoor/Indoor Playtime
  • Low Children to Teacher Ratio:  6 to 1  or  8 to 1


*These highlights apply to all three classes:
Caterpillars  – –  Butterflies – –  Busy Bees